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                  1. 亞東簡介




                      Our factory is located in Haining, a place where Hianning Tide is very famous in the world, which is on the Hangjiahu Plain with beautiful scenery and developed economies. Our factory specializes in producing series of equipment of filters and water treatment, including medicine, biology, electronics, chemicals, food, environmental protection and textile, etc. It contains nearly several dozens products with hundred kinds of specifications, as slight as laboratory experiment and experimental equipment, as big as production equipment of scale. We mainly produce all kinds of board frame type multi-layer filter, all kinds of bag type filter, the pore membrane foldaway filter, all kinds of foldaway filter chips, all kinds of agitated pot, thinly and thickly mixed pot, pore filter diaphragm products and so on. Many of the users all pass the GMP approval because of the selection of our company products.

                      In order to adapt the medicine manufacture to reach the need of GMP and international standardization of food and chemical industry, we have recently produced stainless steel pipeline used universally, the connecting piece, the valve and so on. The products have complete ranges of specifications, which have been selected by very many enterprises.

                      We always strictly abide by contracts and have good faith. So our products are best-sellers home and overseas, and they are so highly praised that they are widely used in each part of medicine, the chemical industry, food and the scientific research unit and so on.

                      The customer is God, we will meet your need increasingly by the fine quality, the materially beneficial price and the thorough service, If you will want to learn more, welcome to connect with us. Sincerely we will be glad at your service.



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